When You Should Call a Garage Door Technician

If you can't figure out how to repair your garage door yourself, a professional may be able to assist. The following are some of the reasons you might need professional garage door repair:

  • Broken springs: Because springs are under tension and might break, it's preferable to entrust the task to a professional rather than attempting to repair them yourself. If you detect that your garage door needs new springs, don't open it and call a garage door expert instead.
  • Garage door panels that are damaged or fractured: Because garage door panel may be quite hefty, you'll need the assistance of at least two individuals to replace them. Allow a specialist to repair any dents on your garage door instead of attempting it yourself.
  • Balance test for garage door: Operating your garage door manually at least once a year will help to keep it balanced. To test the balance, bring the garage door down until it is halfway through its path. If it doesn’t stay in place, get professional help to fix the problem.
  • Inoperable photo-eye sensors: If you have removed all of the dust and particles from the photo-eye sensors and they are still not functional, it is time to speak with a professional who can examine and fix them.
  • Garage door bracket is broken: The garage door's top bracket resembles a hockey stick, and it is connected to the cables. To repair or replace bent or rusted brackets so that the door operates correctly, contact an expert.
  • Garage door is not level: If you test your garage door and it's not level, figure out what the problem is after you've disconnected it from the power source. In that situation, you'll want to call a professional because you won't be able to handle the weight of the garage door. A expert might identify and repair any electrical faults as needed.

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