Things to Know About Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation might seem like an intimidating task that’s out of your reach, but today’s installation kits come with everything you need to get the job done. Given that the instructions are included and the wiring is pretty straightforward, installing a garage door opener isn’t so difficult. To make the task easier, it’s helpful to have some background on how to install them, and how they operate. Here’s what to know if you’re tackling your own garage door opener installation.

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Garage door openers are powered by horsepower, and you need to know how much your needs are. 

Before you can install (or purchase) a garage door opener, figure out how powerful it must be to lift the door. Without enough power, the garage door opener will strain each time it opens and closes the door. Lightweight doors made from aluminum and fiberglass don’t require as much power as heavier garage doors.

A garage door opener with ½ horsepower is usually enough to lift a lightweight door, such as one made of hollow faux wood, aluminum, or fiberglass, easily without straining or shortening the life of the opener. For wood, thicker metals, and heavily insulated doors, ¾ horsepower will probably be required.

There are three different types of garage door openers, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Garage door openers come in three varieties, and they each have their own benefits. Knowing a bit about them will help you choose the best model for your garage door opener installation.

Chain-driven garage door openers use gears and chains similar to those found on a bicycle to lift and lower the garage door. These models are affordable and reliable, but they tend to be quite loud.

Belt-driven garage door openers work a lot like chain-driven models, but instead of a chain to raise and lower the door, they use rubber belts. These openers are reliable and much quieter than a chain-driven model, though they can be expensive.

Screw-drive garage door openers install on the wall above the garage door and feature horizontal spinning rods. As the opener spins the rod, the garage door will open and close. They’re low maintenance and can be quiet if the user keeps them lubricated.

Preparing Your Garage For The Installation

How Garage Door Installation Works