Should I Replace Both Garage Door Springs?

It is advisable to replace both springs to keep the balance on the garage door.

Most homes use overhead doors to enter the garage. In some older homes I have found hinged, folding or sliding doors, but overhead doors that use a track and roll system are the most commonly installed today.

Overhead doors are heavy, whether they are made of decorative wood paneling or insulated metal. The average 16-foot-wide by 7-foot-tall door weighs about 280 pounds.

The springs are an assist system that counteracts the weight of the door with the energy stored in the springs to allow the user to open the door with very little effort.

Typically, there are two springs for the average residential garage door, and depending on the size and weight of the door, there are two different types of springs to counter the weight of the door.

The torsion springs are on a long metal bar above the door and when the door is closed the springs coil tightly, storing energy in the metal coil. When the door is opened, the springs uncoil, releasing enough energy to help lift the heavy door.

Lighter and smaller doors use tension springs, which are on both sides of the top door track.

When the door is closed, the tension springs stretch. When the door is opened, the springs relax and release energy to help lift the door.

When replacing tension springs, it is recommended to replace and pair both springs because the older, intact spring will have lost some of its tension over years of use. Replacing both springs helps balance the door so that it opens smoothly with the same force applied to each side of the door.

Once installed, the tension springs can be adjusted. Measure the length of each wire and secure them to the door track while the door is open and the springs are relaxed.

It is important to install a second wire inside the spring in case the spring comes loose or breaks.

A word of caution for any DIY enthusiast: torsion springs must be replaced by a qualified installer. Torsion springs have so much stored energy that they can cause serious injury or death if not handled properly.

I've seen where a torsion spring mounting system broke, releasing the two torsion springs, making a large hole in the garage ceiling about 4 feet above the door. Fortunately, no one was there when the system broke; otherwise it would have been an unfortunate tragedy.

With this information, if you decide to do the repairs yourself, take the old or broken spring to ASAP Garage Door Service to help you find the correct garage door spring repair parts.

Contact a professional:

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your garage door springs, but even with maintenance, breakage cannot always be avoided - the springs will wear out over time. Contact ASAP Garage Door Service, a garage door expert, if you begin to notice strange noises or problems with your garage door. With us you will have an excellent treatment and quality service.

Things I Need To Know About Garage Door Spring Repair?