Long-Lasting Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Garage Door

garage door maintenance is important in order to prolong the door's lifespan and avoid major repairs. some basic tips for garage door maintenance include: checking the door regularly for any loose hardware or damage, keeping the tracks clean and free of debris, and lubricating the door components on a regular basis. By following these simple tips, you can keep your garage door in good condition and avoid costly repairs.


Lubrication is a crucial element of garage door upkeep. This not only allows your door to operate more smoothly and silently but also aids in minimizing damage to the different parts of the garage door. Use proper lubricants designed for garage doors on the springs, door rollers, hinges, and tracks. If your opener has a chain instead of a belt, lubricate that too.

Balance tests

It's also a good idea to check the door's equilibrium, especially if it appears to be out of balance. After pulling the release cord on the opener, manually open the door to test for balance. Open the door slowly, about three or four feet away from the floor. If the door is properly balanced, it will smoothly open and remain half-way open when opened far enough away from the floor.


Check your garage door regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Look for fraying in the cables, and make sure the door opens and closes smoothly. Also, listen for any changes in the sound the door makes when operating. If you have any concerns during these inspections, contact a professional to help determine and address the problem.

Safety checks

Make sure to check the door's security features on a regular basis. The door has sensors that detect when anything is in its path. This may be done by putting something in the way of the two sensors as the door is closing. Place a board in front of the doorway to test the reverse function. When the door runs into the board, it should reverse direction.

Routine professional maintenance

Always have a professional door specialist inspect and maintain your door to prevent any small issues from turning into larger problems. By regularly doing this, you will extend the life of your door significantly.

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